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A child's teacher can be their first ally.

                     They can also be one of their best!

Are you excited about teaching social justice topics, and want to make sure you get them right? Young children and teens want passionately to be included in our conversations about race, gender, sexuality, discrimination, equality, and all those mean. They deserve to see themselves reflected in the stories, media, ideas, STEAM activities, and critical thinking lessons we impart to them. 

Teaching the Dream utilizes strategies from several sources, including Teaching Tolerance, Define American, the Kindergarten forum, and other organizations that support the work of creating engaging child-centered learning that lifts up children's emotional well-being and enthusiasm for social justice. We provide educators with responsive, of-the-moment strategies for engaging students from Pre-K to 12th in thoughtful, critical, and exciting explorations of the four big ideas that make up the Social Justice Standards: positive understandings of Identity, Diversity, Justice, and Action.

Playing & Learning Pods are thoughtfully planned small groups of up to 4 kids, each of which will explore aspects of learning-by-doing, individually and as a group, developing their social-emotional understanding, creating friendships, and learning the real dream of childhood: to make it a time for kids to feel supported as they try out cooking, outdoor science, exploration, playing games, discovering incredible social justice stories, lessons, and ideas, with the guidance of an experienced teacher and mom who can gently infuse ideas of diversity, equity, and inclusion into their "camp" like pod time!

And together we can make the most of it!

Reach out to chat with Karen about what we have to offer.

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